Neptune's Pride

Would anyone be interested in a game of Neptune's Pride?

It's a pretty simplistic Risk / 4x style web game where you try to conquer a randomly generated galaxy.

The game proceeds in real time although at a very slow pace, so you can log in and make your adjustments maybe once or twice a day without it being too much of a time suck although you can still certainly camp this thing and no-life it every hour for extra granular control if you so desire.

A lot of the chicanery takes place via pms where you setup alliances and then brutus each other; seems like something mafia palyers might enjoi.


this is so me rn

join this game btw

Looks interesting.

I joined, looks they've added so much new shit to this since I last played circa 2011-2012

k maybe the 32 man is ambitious thought these would fill up faster

it's fun when you can find a group that will engage in heavy roleplaying / diplomacy

I had a friend I used to play with regularly and when he successfully thwarted would be attackers he would demand that they publicly apologize in all chat and erect monuments in his likeness on their core worlds in order to be spared imminent destruction

no u need to do like 8 i think

heres 8 man turn based

okay im in there

OK I'm in. Trying to learn what to do before the game starts.

If I click "submit turn" can I change my mind or is my turn locked in?

seems like it's locked in, I don't think I can change mine now

try to grab as many stars as you can while they're up for grabs and spend your first round of money as you see fit and assign your research

Thanks. I'll watch the first day tutorial and get started.

Yeah that was my first impression. Grab big resource stars and put at least one point into the stars that have no infrastructure.

I made 3 carriers plus the one I stared with. Sent them in all 4 directions with 3 of them getting 2 planets each. I could do more waypoints and get more stars but I will wait and see.

I see a player in the game called Spitwad. If that's nma then god help us all.

Probably is him I think I remember him using the spitwad avatar lol

Shoutout to the player called "Grog" wherever you are

He was like the Brood_Star of Neptune's Pride in 2010

Can't wait to start this game. There might be some slots left if anyone wants to join.

I'll join if there's slots when I get home this weekend