new server will have n

  • YES I WANT A NEW SERVER(with goyclub banned)
  • NO I WANT THE OLD SERVER(things stay as they are)

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@SOPHIE Could we merge this thread into the old one? There’s too many minecraft threads.

I vote a new start without goy club.
It would be another interesting social experiment.

Will we all get along and build a nice community around spawn?
Or will a secret griefer get through and ruin everything?

Am I in got club

  • Yes
  • Of course not

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Why is Klaze voting in this poll

Someone explain it to me.

Also look at the votes you fucking retard Klaze

If this was a mafia game would your vote be on the right train here?

Stop with the logical fallacies everyone can tell you’re pretending

I personally wont be playing much if at all so take my vote with a grain of salt, but I do believe goy club does bad things for the server if the goal is complete collaboration between all players.

I have only started playing today

I’m being unfairly targeted because I make decisions according to doing whatever is funniest to me

The simple fact that so many people are here typing, and no one is playing the game should say it all.

There is no point in building anything if it gets destroyed in 3 days or less.

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well polls already over pretty much.

vote currently is everyone vs goyclub and goyclub dont get a say since they’re the defendant

It’s actually even

new server is winning even if u consider goyclub votes, but we aren’t considering your votes :slight_smile:

First off there’s no such thing as goy club, Wintermute is trolling you - and if you take out the “goy club” votes, Wintermute, You, and Dan, you would see that it’s actually even.

Neither the claimant nor the defendant get a vote in the jury - if you want to use your analogy.

Not true.

But I don’t care. I just want to play a fun, friendly game without some people destroying what other people create.

Let me repeat that just in case.

Why do you say “Not true” if you don’t even know what you’re talking about? The “Goy Club” claims are the exact same thing as Pizzagate Secret Pedophile Groups.