New Numeta builds

Enjoy my 15 minute Undying Radiance rush

Also hello hope yall are chillin it's been a while since I've posted.


this ā– ā– ā–  is still around?

Nu meta really would pick a hero with devastating lane presence named UNDYING, increase the LANE prescence DRASTICALLY by buying orb of vemon and wind lace STACK camps like hes supposed to.

Only to farm it all, build radiance and still somehow be 2/5/1.

What is VERY sad and makes me highly upset is radiance undying is actually the known only way to play undying core because he cannot farm woods without tombstone which radiance fixes completely so its actually a godlike item.

Too bad rather than sell us a CORE undying game plan he shows us how to support offlane build radiance go NEGATIVE and let AM free farm in a normal skill bracket game.

Core undying in the safe, where your team can stack/pull and leave you SOLO, you can farm radiance just as quick if not quicker with lane farm+stacks taken with tombstone. And go on to maul all towers every time you have tombstone up. Its actually a very high level strat and can easily be executed by any B/A tier team. If he showed me this i would think he was at least high skill but no he has absolutely no sensee on how to win games, he simply knows how to play the first 20 minutes completely wrong and lose.

I actually feel safe lane undying with good supports CANNOT lose the game if you siege everytime tombstone is up and farm radiance.

Here is an unbeatable draft

Undying safe
Necrolyte Off
Abbadon Support(with necro)
Crystal Maiden (with undying)
Dazzle mid/Pugna mid.

You can swap who farms between necro and abbadon. You basically run at towers once undying has radiance. Rosh is very easy with dazzle armor reduction etc. So you can literally do whatever you want. CM for infinite mana and heals. The biggest issue with pro dota is they do not let experienced masterminds who actually play the game create drafts, instead they hire clouty hero spammers to design their drafts and they lose. Classic case bulba being a captain.

Basically if you play well none of their lanes can "win" and you can run at towers as 5 for the rest of the game and if they fight they will lose.

If this draft loses a pro game you absolutely played like apes. Assuming undying builds radiance as its required for this to work.

Also as much as nu meta tries
I will always be the best theory crafter build maker and team builder in dota 2 history.

You can also swap Dazzle for pugna.


Got a new Dazzle build too.

Something like Phase Boots > Witchblade > Armlet > Blink Dagger or Blademail.

Blademail is pretty much loopable along with Shallow Grave with levels (And or Arcane Blink/CDR Neutral item), and with armlet toggle + the 225+ Talent heal, you can toggle + Heal up to 800 health everytime.

Blademail returns damage even if you don't have the health to dish back in return, making this combo of items the fucking NUTS.

It's a real shame though, the old Aghanim's Shard was the most broken thing in the game and I was on the cusp of releasing a video of it...I still have highlights if anyone is curious though.

armlet dazzle sounds funny

Armlet deso is core on dazzle

armlet is litty with shallow grave no cap.

So Tangos + Clarity into quick Helm of Iron Will into a quick helm of dom on Supports is the new meta.

You're basically upstoppable once you get your 3 minute helmet with 6 armor and regen. Make sure to stack hard camps so you can get the correct neutral when you finish the item.

Combined with the fact you make insane gold off of ancient stacking later on, and overall Net Troll + Centaur + Support spells is GG AF>

Iā€™m quite sure your carry would call you a game ruiner and break their items

I mean, you should try trading attacks with a support that has +6 armor and 5 regen 2 1/2 minutes in the game.

I mean I don't have to tell you when to buy regen for your cores, that goes without saying. (Ihope)

~! edit

Working on some new tech for Dota.

Rush Javelin. It works on denies lmao! It's honestly so broken when you can fully deny a creep at 40%

Also for further information about my Drow build you Rush Javelin into Maelstrom then into another Javelin.

I called this the Trinity build, because more often than not on each auto you always get one of 3 procs, be it Javelin, Maelstrom or Marksmanship.

This build fucking SLAPS on drow, and probably works on every ranged hero in the game right now, but more so on Drow.

Yo seriously WHAT THE FUCK. Rush Javelin is so broken.

How do you STOp 150 damage denies? LOL

whats ur cs/deny statline on ur drow games atm