New Numeta builds

i wanna see 100 denies in a 25 min game

i once had 40 something denies in 10 minutes as visage, lost the game because i didnt do anything and i was denying creeps

the worst part about numeta is his ideas aren't baseless. they just ignore the fact that you have to play against other humans in the first 15 minutes of dota


what's up squad im here in the teamfight/skirmish with my boots and javelin getting instagibbed

if you're just hitting creeps and masturbating do whatever the fuck you want. if you have actual responsibilities good luck

i can't remember if it was numeta or loomdun who brainstormed support invoker way back but it speaks volumes that i can't recall

if javelin costs 250 gold now someone please call me a jackass

how fast can you get phase basilius vanguard radiance on doom nowadays? is alchemist just better

Theorycrafting at it's least finest

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Alchemist is better.

Numeta is bad at builds but worse at playing. Imagine thinking you gained some massive deny advantage with an item that only procs 30% of the time. That means 70% of the time you try to deny early you will just set it up to be killed by enemy .

Doom is one of those heroes that make you feel good because you got a big fuck you button but in reality, you are a walking jungle creep that needs bkb to play the game, and half of the time you will doom an important target and still lose the fight.

If you lose a single fight where you doom an important target, chances are you cannot win the game at all. Alch doesnt have this problem just go farm some more and try again.

Heres a real build for you ■■■■■■■

Blademail AntiMage with vlads and treads.
The goal is to just fight, the magic resist and armor pretty much make you very hard to kill and if they focus you the blademail means they probably lose the fight. . S&Y or manta next. Just make sure you keep hititng heroes in fights, it'll be very hard to burst you down with all that armor, blademail, and counter spell giving too much magic resist plus lifesteal.

Do nothing but fight heroes with your team, and split push. Your team will roast you for your build but this is actually game winning shit.

And yes you will see this build in a pro game soon.

pos 1 doom was legit with a jungling support and with lvl death

also a farming dawn breaker with radiance absolutely btfos out of lobbies,get rad just farm by splitting the map and joining all fights with ulti. You should go euls and sheep are very good items on her.

doom cooldown is a trap if you have radiance the real cooldown was scorched earth. probably similar nowadays it is his best abiltity

Euls is actually very good on doom. but then again its euls, which is just a godlike item.

So a lot of you are underestimating how fast you get javelin. At minimum your lane phase lasts 12 minutes.

You can buy it by 3 minutes by saving gold and going stats early on (mid build).

I present, the Trinity Drow build

Everyone you gotta watch the first 1:30