New Numeta builds

Stats Frost arrows is the way to go.

Sorry lads it's true.

Multi-shot is fucking TERRIBLE

I guess silence isn't necessary if people don't cast spell good

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Or silence is pointless early and only saves your enemy from dying.

surely you’d at least get 1 pt in it

especially against sand king timber type heroes

I mean yeah if there are heroes like AM/QOp/Storm.

can we permaban this cowardly dumbass degenerate for refusing a challenge

6 iron branch gg losers

This patch is massive dogshit, that looks like it was written by your average 2k redditor. dota is dead

mason loves this patch, which one of you knows more on dota

nvm he skipped a sophie remix on stream. he's a brainlet

Instead of just you know...nerfing sven know like..making it so his base damage isnt 65 at lvl 1, or that his backswing is non existent lol.

Or how about luna bouncing glaives being so strong, instead of nerfing these heroes lets just nerf everything cause people can't find their brain and learn how to contest ancients or scout for stacks.

Instead of fixing the dogshit AI the neutrals have (aka leashing back and forth and not attacking) lets just nerf the stack gold! Or how about you make it so the ancients don't leash and just attack? How about...make it so stacks deal more damage to the heroes?

X% dmg per stack?

As for Mason....he's not bad but he's also not great. He picks Lifestealer every game lmao. Only brainlets pick that hero

its all so tiresome

Lifestealer isn't one button anymore

Literally one button still lol

Has mason switched from slark to lifestealer since the patch

In other news, Jakiro is the best INt hero right now, support, mid or offlane.

My main reasoning is the fact that all the neutral items are fucking awesome on THD.

I play Jakiro mid a lot, I go Aether Lens > Bots > Sometimes atos (lategame Glypnir 100% of the time)

Witchblade + Enchanted QUiver is the NUTSSS (Plus attack range talent ofc)

He said ls is good but hes still on his dumb weaver stuff

Ls is incredibly strong yeah.

Weaver is strong because Javelin/Maelstrom are no longer on a procs per sec timer

Man is a weaver spammer till the day he dies lol

Pit Lord is pretty good.

Build is >Helm of Dom rush. Centaurs or Net Trolls, but centaurs obviously the best. Allows you to easily double root multiple heroes and just overall amazing.

Atos after this to root people for 8 seconds or more.

Centaur is used for later Boots of travel and can be Portal'd on by your team, adding some super gameplay tactics.

HoTd2.0 is great once you have Glypnir to confirm mass roots. Dragon Ancient DoT + Firestorm + Pit of Malice + Glypnir loop is some nectar savagery.

Vangaurd is ok but not necessary.

Essence Shroud very good because of the % damage on your Firestorm spellvamp. Additionally with Shard you can get multipe Firestorm's going at once with CDR.

Helm of Dom > Mana boots > Atos > BotS> Glypnir/or/Essence Shroud

Very strong hero right now.

The best thing about this hero is being able to portal to a smoke neutral into the enemy jungle or to their ancient stacks or just their triangle in general. Very strong stuff.

Talents are Firestorm Radius > Firestorm cooldown > Either or > 0.65 Pit of malice root

I got a rare Timado guys

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