New RTZ roster discussion

Looking incredibly promising and impressive. Arteezy is in TI-Winning form and he is ready to take it home.

Based on youtube videos i watch, saberlight is the best player on this team


team sponsor:

saberlight was the best player on a lot of his teams since coming here

dude is insanely talented, esp with flashy teamfight wombo heroes (which compliments rtz and abed far more than nightfall, even though nightfall was the best player on that team and is an INSANE talent, he played the ultra greedy basically just another carry style in most games)

i am very excited to see them play, this is the best offlaner this group has had yet in terms of fit. saberlight is miles ahead of ice3 these past 1-2 years (who plays a similiar style to saberlight, but saberlight is just a better player and better at it for a few years now)

i think saberlight + cr1t duo will be INSANELY strong and make countless plays and space

I'm really glad the core is staying together and pushing on despite some rather disappointing results and being together much longer than a typical team does these days

gives me OG before winning TI vibes. I will be rooting for them + whatever team sammys on + Tundra just because they're super fun to watch and kinda remind me of WINGS a bit. and because of Sneyking

And Bulba still their coach.

Bulba is not the problem

Will they win stuff? Probably

Would anyone pick them up? Dumb ass move when you can still hire mexicans for a fraction even though those prices have soared

They are already picked up.

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Who's the idiot with deep pockets?

Shopify that makes sense actually. They have deep pockets lol

Word on the street is that EG is paying the new Peruvian squad $12,000 a month each.
Do you think they could've lowballed them and got a way lower price?

So the NA DPC is totally changed.

Sadboys 3.0 look promising.

TSM sent Moonmeander to coach, lost their mid to Sadboys (and they lost 2-0 today to the new EG.)

Quincy Crew lost CCnC and their sponsor.

B8 with Dendi bought Wildcard's spot and will play in NA.

This could get spicy.

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i think they had to give that to fuck beastcoast over.

a lot of times this bigger orgs pay way over market value just so nobody can compete with them

Still it seems like a huge salary for an SA team.

depends if that salary needs to be spent getting a training facility/housing for the gamers or if that is already covered by eg

Why would they need to pay for housing its a peruvian team and theyre all peruvian