New Teamspeak Member: Matticus, the Replacer.



A warm welcome to the newest member. A great addition and a welcome replacement to notjones.

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I have been forewarning this moment

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Was a nice first day of chatting with Matticus. He's gone now, but will be back tomorrow.
Mostly talked about current events and life.

For the record, I did not reach out to invite him - He asked to join.
You two would get along pretty well.


In addition to the Matticus addition, we have moved teamspeak servers to avoid admin abuse by previous host - if you are interested in the new IP let me know.’s-pit-bull.4881230/post-81393502


A DRILL rapper? Chile be careful. They live that life.

These forums are really low hanging fruit. More sad than funny.

Hi yes I would be interested please send me the teamspeak

Sorry but with the addition of Matticus the Teamspeak is full.


Yeah. I'm looking forward to no TeamSpeak 2022. TeamSpeak Global Apartheid.

How many slots do you pay for? May I ask why you don’t host your own mumble server