New User of the Month!!!


I'm a god

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First emoji badge too!!!


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@_jdance this posting style is exactly how goys were before they get perma'd......

are u yanking my chain here?


Congrats. Ignore Kyle he's a skeptic. We went through some bad stuff as a forum and we're all still dealing with it in our own ways

jdance is right. maybe im just paranoid :(


Listen to your intuition... It's never betrayed you before...

its betryaed me very often

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I pmed Kyle proof of yayaya not being goy

welcome :slight_smile:

Whats all this goy stuff anyway

Just a weird racial thing this site's moderators have been on recently



And just like that his core pics are uploaded to the lore files....

racism :scream:

There was kinda a second holocaust. Current mods think maybe you're part of their religion. It really just boils down to textbook racism



Nice to meet u :handshake:

You too!

No handshaking during this outbreak though!


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