NewD3 Hyena Town Day 1

NewD3 Hyena Town Day 1

Short intro people want this opened tonight

Hyena town just scored big on a wildebeest kill but a pair of migrant male lions have come to poach hyena town's kill. For some reason they look just like hyenas so hyena town will have to use all it's powers of deduction to find the scummy vagrant poachers and salvage their hard earned meal.

NewD3 - MafiaWiki Setup

Role PM's are copypasta'd from the setup link except scum are told their partner's name and role and are invited to a chat together on day 1. Mechanics are identical as well.

Alive Players


Day ends on Sunday December 12th at midnight est or until a majority of 5 is reached


@mafiabot startday 7358

@mafiabot vc

Vote Count

Lynch Votes Voters

Not Voting

SOPHIE, insom, ian, kat, kyle, Kischie, bazingaboy, jdance, KrazyKat,

Alive Players - 9

Majority Vote - 5


I am serial killer again

@mafiabot vote sophie

@mafiabot vote sophie

Who is the Versace lion

I hardclaim Town Doctor

i soft claim town mason

i soft claim town mason

You're lying. There cannot be a Doctor and a Mason in the same setup.
@mafiabot vote bazingaboy

im not lying im soft claiming

Don't hard claim anything.
It just makes it easier for scum.

Everybody vote Sophie he is scum

@bazingaboy No, you're just lying for filler and fluff because you feel obliged to towntell for some reason.

@KrazyKat The mafia start with more info than town, if you looked at the setup matrix you would be able to tell that. Hardclaiming Doctor (I am the Doctor) guarantees us one mafia lynch. It's most likely Bazingaboy - but I wouldn't be surprised if you were one too.

Link the matrix

What's your role?

Haha I an NOT answering that

doctor is literally the worst role to fakeclaim cause you can completely ruin scums game by healing properly and can heal the other role who KNOWs a doctor has spawned who can then claim freely. Assuming youre actually doctor that's not a good play

by fake claim i mean hard claim