Next Mafia Game Host

Who wants to host?

I could host since I have some free time, but the only game I have set up is Texas Justice. It’s a game where every town player gets a 1-shot gun. For a good game I would need at least 11 players and people who don’t waste their shots on night one.

If no one wants to play this, then someone else should host.

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It’s honestly surreal how you bring up Texas Justice every single time - without failure

Anyway - Hope the game starts on saturday or before so we get to play during the weekend. Almost got caught playing mafia at work

It’s just a suggestion and an offer to host. If no one likes this idea for a game, then someone else can offer to host. Nma stop shitting in every thread. If you have a better suggestion or would like to host, do it.

Shitting in every thread? You’re taking offense to a mere jab and joke just so you can say that :/… … … …


@Nmagane If you want to play my game, then give it a like. If you don’t, then say so and explain why.

I have no problem with someone else hosting. I just wanted some input on the next game.

I never said I don’t want to play it - i was just pointing out how funny it was that you’ve been talking about it for over a year now.

I am up for playing any mafia of any type. I don’t personally want to host though currently because I don’t have the time

I am in pretty much no matter what

if you guys wanna figure out some options i can add them as a poll to the topic. or people can post ideas and other people can use likes to choose maybe.

the downtime between mafia games is garbo sometimes. i think we should just pick 1 and go

I’m able to host if needs be.

Didn’t we want to open discussion about a new rule set.


i dont see why this cant be done in tandem with figuring out the net game

Thanks for reminding me
I wanted to suggest that we shouldn’t blindly ban screenshots of all kinds - I don’t see a reason for it personally, obviously to not post screenshots of private chats or role pm’s but that falls under other rules.

By screenshots of all kinds i also meant Photos - for example - a humorous reaction image.

It might be worth it to play with a loose ruleset for a bit and see where it takes us

The community isn’t the same as it was in the days when shit like colored text wasn’t allowed

People get a lot of enjoyment out of the occasional ridiculous “evidence” image or “guys im town!” video (shouts out to GabeC). I’d suggest rolling with it for a few games and then evaluating whether it was a positive change or not in these games

I personally dislike images, but it’s not my decision to define the rules.

Actually I’d like to talk with you directly about some of this at some point because I think a new direction is warranted but the path forward is really unclear