Nintendo Switch

So, I got one a couple weeks ago and I've got Mario XCOM, Breath of the Wild, Golf Story, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Of those, I'd say XBC2 is the game I've enjoyed most. Really looking forward to Octopath Traveler next week.

Having said all that, I MUST HAVE Splatoon 2

Dark souls :slight_smile:

Recently accidentally beat breathe of the wild. Mixed feelings.

botw really felt good at first. I beat the 4 main dungeons and have clear a ton of shit but can’t bring myself to go back and finish the game for some reason

i dont think it was that good. i dont like open world stuff that much


Yeah botw was a low make for the series because they really fucked up dungeons and part of the allure of the world was that it felt handcrafted. With the open world not so much

I absolutely love Breath of the Wild

look into homebrew dawg its really easy to get going and theres a couple decent emulators out there for the classics, ive found it to be pretty nice for mobile snes and gba games so far

mario odyssey is dope

Think I’ma buy that. Wish it was on steam sale

botw was just alright to me but im sure they can take a lot of the ideas they tried out there and make a much better LoZ experience

I liked some of it but idk only like 4 short dungeons and a tedious crafting/durability system

Yeah the durability shit is fucking garbage

durability was garbage, and there was a lot to see and a lot going on but they put zero effort into individually stylizing any of the dungeons or bosses. Divine beasts were like o i guess im in one of these things again

Odyssey has held my attention way longer than botw

The main story was fun to binge and everything after that gives me a chance to drop in for 10-20 minutes after work and try something new

gentlemen… perhaps i am mistaken -
gentle non-men…

this machine, oh most dreadful machine…

these two round jugs of mine are so loaded with rocket fuel, almost to the brim, i fear i might send the next damsel to the moon