and then he has the gall to judge what we talk about in Teamspeak, calling us soulless.
Unbelievable lack of self awareness.

What's funny is that he thinks that withholding himself from a better life is "owning me".
He doesn't understand that he'd be doing it for himself, not me.

Hes doing it for all of us

What life is all about:

  • Get Drunk
  • Get Crunk
  • Pop Xannies with your mongrel friends
  • Get Laid with fat useless hot babes.
  • Wishing things would go back to before you started doing this
  • Repeat
  • Be bisexual
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I would not be surprised if all the mind altering eventually turns him gay. I've seen it happen before.

toprak isn't cool enough to be gay

you're gay and uncool


nma officially a chinkoid. time to rep PSG in the upcoming internationl

The numbers showing the Coptics' sudden rise from insignificance in 20000 BC at around the old middle kingdom (10000-6000 BC) and then their slow decline since the kingdom fell support this theory.

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Also Alien DNA admixture.

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Yes this is certainly interesting and also explains the seemingly unusual influence in monuments and architecture of the time (influenced by outsiders)

nmaGane: "The Great Replacement doesn't exist -- all you do is talk about subhumans invading your country -- there is no such thing as race -- go back to r/TheDonald"

also nmaGane: "noooooooooo how could the Coptics not be the predominant group of OK Egypt -- we've been here for MILLENIA this makes no sense -- I am NOTHING like these people these are lies"

nmaGane: "we do NOT interact with BEDOUINS -- I don't know what you're getting at -- it's a no contact zone"

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not like egypt has a good track record of keeping out foreigners even if they are unwanted. it's been conquered or colonized by every mediterranean civilization and the brtsh