No Setup Mafia #1


No Setup is rather like Vanilla, in that there are only two roles; Mafia Goon and Vanilla Townie. The difference with this theme being that, at night either type of role can perform almost any action! If you want to be a Pretty Lady one night, then redirect someone the next night, you can! If you want to be a Cop and then a Doc, you can! Sounds cool? Let’s look a bit closer then…

Day functions the same as a normal game, while night is a completely different kettle of fish from the norm. At night, you may choose any action you like, with a few exceptions. There is a list of actions you may use at night, any other action is banned, because they’re either outclassed or broken.

List of usable actions can be found here -

Town PM

Vanilla Townie
The only Town role in this theme. Don’t worry though, unlike other themes, Vanilla Townies can use any action on the list that they want at night!

Scum PM

Mafia Goon
The only Mafia role in this theme. Like its town counterpart, it is allowed to use any action on the list they want! (Scum also has the ability to nightkill one player in addition to using an action from the list).


Should multiple people be made Kingmakers, both will acquire the effect, and the one that lynches quickest will be the one that sees their lynch go through. If the Gladiator effect is in place as well, the Kingmakers may only choose between the 2 selected players. If multiple players are made “gladiators”, players may choose between all the “dueled” players.

Unblocker + Ability will pierce Commuter.

The ‘Switch’ ability may target ‘Switch’

Switch takes precedence over Roleblocker. Example: A targets B with Roleblocker, B uses Switch on Roleblocker. Result: Roleblocker gets disabled



Day Length/Setup

Day starts now. (1800 EDT - ends in 48 hours) Nights last 12 hours. Any questions regarding the setup will be answered in PM only (failure to realize this will result in a zeus).

Scum/town distribution are: 3 Mafia Goons, 9 Vanilla Townies.



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I’m town!

I’m town I’m town! hahaha

metareading here, but last time nmagane claimed something, he wasnt that!

I’ll try to think of ways to break this game.

Odds of mafia lynch D1 if everyone blindly votes: 25%

Actual odds given all of the quantum state involved: Calculation pending

lynch Magicmagininja

This setup seems chaotic cuz if town doesn’t cooperate with one another seems like the mafia can just do whatever

Maybe I’m wrong cuz idk this format but we’ll see

lynch kieran

can we stop doing signups without knowing the setup first

I like the random game types

I dont get the setup

I get to pick a PR to use every night? Or there are some people that got PR roles

My guess is that you get to be the role of your choice then use the action of that role?


The game is not advancing at an optimal pace for a town victory. I’m town by the way.

Everyone has to post and give some reads

I find it interesting that you choose to specify that you’re town.

Why? I specified that I was town because I am town.