No Setup Mafia #1

Same to you. I how your game mode works out.

i merged days 1 2 and 3 and benny’s where is day 3 thread into this one. sorry i did it in a shit order, it was my frist time and i shoulda done 1 2 benny 3 lol. day 1 ends around post 650, day 2 ends around post 1160. day 3 ends shortly after :)

I used a poor N1 action and played badly D2 by expecting Dan to be a trap set up by mafia and getting focused on Benny. I was completely convinced an action was used on Dan to confuse us - with three coordinated mafia actions.

I don’t understand Town’s N2 actions at all. Only half of town llistened when I said there was one in the lynch pool and one outside? It was really either Benny or SCSF and if I hadn’t been distracted by Benny I think I would have found SCSF.

I think Benny distracted the town team constantly D2 from realizing there was a magician by calling alightsoul the “worst mafia player” over and over. I started to read this as scummy, in addition to his lynch on slowdive and when he mentioned that he didn’t commute, and finally when he suspected me and didn’t seem to get my hint that I was going to die at EOD.

MVP is either Nmagane or Matty


its actually pretty easily to build a poll and would help centralize the mvp voting process. you already handled half the problems by listing the names out separated by newlines. i setup the one below so you can choose between 1-3 options. poll closes sunday night. idk how to keep spectators from voting but just disinclude them lol or something lol

choose mvp here xD

  • Nmagane
  • Asoul
  • huber
  • bazingaboy
  • kksweet
  • slowdive
  • SCSF
  • epok
  • benny
  • kkat
  • rora
  • Matticus

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How can MVP be on the losing team?

MVP is clearly me + SCSF jointly - the ultimate intellectual mafia duo.

nma directly called out you and magic incredibly fast. i think matty put in the most effort out of every town member. and scsf just was totally townread as mafia haha. explains my votes

Calling out scum doesn’t win games

If NMA had posted clear instructions and scumreads before he died, and town had gone on to use those instructions and scumreads to win the game, he might be mvp

Instead he used his final hours to talk town into lynching him. Correct reads, poor mechanics.

I think it’s already been decided that me and benny are the MVPs. Thank you guys

i would have played the game only slightly differently as town and that would be instead of subbing out id suicide bomb benny. I dont think its a good scum read on me tbh

I gotta say reading all those fucking posts only for people to do whatever they want killing everyone in the process is pretty much the worst thing ever.

i find it surprising how fast at least some of the mafia has been called out in recent games. that being said I think this setup was scum-favored on the first game due to inexperience, but if we played more games it would likely even out as people wouldnt fall for magician or anything anymore.

im not sure if it’s because we’re really good or anything, maybe its easier to catch scum when people aren’t required to filter their posts

I need to play better apparently I was more scummy than I thought I was.

GG, town should learn to trust me better.

MVP was certainly benny as he managed to survive and outplay mafia until the very end.

Well there’s one constant in all those scum being called out haha

Welcome to Nadota mafia :smiley:

I played around Benny badly. I thought that if he made claims that he withheld from town and I could prove them logically wrong then I could be justified in lynching him. This was a mistake. I have devised a way to work around this in the future.