nootropics and supplements thread

i like taking l-tyrosine when ive been vaping too much weed; it seems to decrease the lethargy on the days following overconsumption

i’ve gotten a feeling of anxiety once though

also ive been microdosing ald-52 every so often but idk about it: seems to increase energy but scatter my thoughts a bit more, like being slightly high the entire day. also makes it harder to fall asleep, and i’ve been trying to make my sleep schedule more regular because apparently that’s super important

also take n-acetyl cysteine, taurine, uridine+alphagpc sometimes, magnesium, lion’s mane extract, and fish oil

i have a bunch of l-theanine but i always shy away from taking it because it feels somewhat dulling in the cases where im not actually anxious, and i don’t often get anxious in general

share your stacks and/or skepticism and insults

alpha gpc is the only ‘nootropic’ ive been taking for years. recently started taking uridine with it just to see waht would happen. i take l-theanine when i have more than a cup of coffee.

im a fan of supplements generally. i have an assortment of pills with mostly natural shit in it targeting different things. i dont take any regularly because generally it might cause my body to overreact and thats not good.

skin “supplements” are fun too. i put jojoba oil on my face before bed every night these days to help with my generally dry face, and ive been washing my face with this eavara cleanser that has tamanu oil and vitamin e

i used to take NAC but ive dialed it back a lot because ive heard some scary stuff about overdosing with it, and its pretty easy to do that if youre just taking it for the hell of it.

omega 3 oil ive been on and off with since highschool, have you been a consistent taker?

ive never been really consistent with anything, just started pretty much everything again these past 2 months

i did a quick google of NAC overdose and it seems like it takes a lot to get up there… do you have a source on it being easy to overdose on it?

I’ve been dosing Heroin in small amounts recently.

stop doing this junk immediatly fucking jackasses


i put nmagane here on the job to post some of our nootropic friend pictures

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Just me doing some nootropics

how do you convince yourself that you are not a burden on your friends and family when you do this??

how do you put off seeking psychiatric help??

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Just finished injesting nootropic

friend of mine lives in a cabin with no electricity and this is all he spends his money on

i suppose its better than how he used to huff gasoline back in high school but still im pretty sure the entire neighborhood makes sure to keep their kids in at night because this fucking lunatic is a LOOSE CANNON let me tell you

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if you have to take any drugs can you at least just do cocaine like high functioning members of society



just eww… icky… get your lives straightened out for friggs sake

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On the bus - going to pharmacy to get more nootropics.

nootropics more like noobtropics lol, noobs at life?

quit it, its not healthy

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a great tragedy waiting to happen. how about this? go to church. go to the mosque.

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I used to snort noopept in college lol, also phenibut is basically viagra/Xanax combo

really goes to show for the integrity of this forum as well.

we’ve got iamafuckingretard and dan here microdosing some synthetic lobotomy trying to gain an advantage in a mafia game lol?


the two worst drugs known to man combined?