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Why does Valve hate fun

dead game destroyed by its own hand

Why would IceFrog turn on one of his loyal collaborators like this?


Dw dude numeta beta tests he already knew this was coming. That's why he made the ultimate pers pooling build (dirge refresher rush) before it died

I am shaking.

Hold me. Someone

so numeta... shag the good ol icefrog's woman eh?

I mean it was for the better. I send all my logs to Icefrog; which is also why the HotD Catapult was nerfed/removed.

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did you invent any of these new aghs?

It's not a trade secret if you let everyone know. God numeta you're nextlevel

Only the slardar

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just played a game with aghs grimstroke and i made a drow with butterfly kill herself over and over every fight

11/10 would reccomend

Did any of you catch this one? My offense to the Ancients changelog?

  • Added Scepter upgrade. Causes one of the three creep waves to include two wolves. You cannot control the wolves, but they are considered your units. These wolves have the same movement speed as lane creeps.


I don't get it this has been around forever why would u remove it now?

What made this game good and interesting was all the quirks and the Warcraft 3 DNA, but they keep removing those aspects of the game and replacing it with LOL / HOTS inspired crap to gain moba market share or some shit. DotA should have remained a community project and never been commercialized.

Very original valve


they want to destroy dota, its the little things they removed that are slowly killing the game. AKA they dont give a fuck about anyone whose has been playing for years, only care to attract new players and get that cosmetic money.

i swear these dota is dying threads have been around since decade old NADota.com times

and they've always been right, especially more so now.

there is almost 1 million palyers playing again