Numeta's Thread

Sooo I had a near life or death situation arise (car accident) last month and it has me thinking on what i want to do before I perish from this planet.

I want to win TI or at least coach a team at TI.

I’ve been trying to get in contact with Mason, Timado & Fear but no replies back. If any of you can reach out and try to get them to contact back please message me. God bless.


you need to build some credibility for yourself by proving that they need you. coach teams to win things that they struggle with. have you even begun working on a coaching resume my dude?

near death? how fast were u going?

if you walked away no injuries its not near death unless u were actually going fast. cars these days are so safe.

Also as for coaching or winning TI you might be out of luck. Start out by coaching in the first place, if not start by getting Immortal. Welcome back btw, we missed u

Some drunk bitch backed into my car and boy I thought her farmers insurance lawyer was going to kill me

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prolly just her farmer boyfriend

bro you’re fucking delusional and a joke nobody cares about your dumb ideas and we all laugh at you

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I think you should channel that passion into an and1 mixtape streetball career.

You know, run the courts in Rucker park white men can’t jump style

Lack of faith for me hUh?

Do you think I’m out of gg builds or strats? :D

Coaching is about helping teams overcome barriers not one off ideas

Should start by doing analysis of teams

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I haven’t played dota since 2013 but I recall some Chinese guy making an analysis of that Russian teams warding patterns and rotation strategies I’m sure that’s a good way to get recognized

Happy to hear that you are alive and well. I can not get you timado, mason or fear but I am letting Ritsu know that you are looking for a team to coach.

good luck numeta

you prob need to be above 3k mmr to be considered :)

I bless you with a free godlike build

you’re jungling LD holy fuck you’re garbage


dude this is so garbage and the reason why you’re normal skill on dotabuff

25k siege dmg in 19 mins but ok

because you play with other retards who are really bad at the game idiot