Nyte for mod or rito


Hey jones, hope youre doing okay

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I got mad at my dog and accidently killed it a few days ago.

nice larping

who is rito?


Nyte for mo Dorito?

Makes more sense than the op.

Is that what this Jones guy wants? Doritos?

tbh I've sort of accepted that nyte was a practice girl and within the next few months I'm going to have to fufill my six figure potential, lure some dumb woman into my clutches with the promise of an easy life, and then like buy her a puppy and kill it a few days later.

me and nmaGane have concluded that I really need to get a revolver of some sort.

Like what if I bought a sailboat and attached a cannon, kinetic weapon, whatever that fired harpoons on the front?

Bombs. I love BOMBS.

That's a good idea.


but living in the state park and biking to the public library everyday to read arxiv is just as attractive; truly everything is the same.

What if I did this: queued a game of Turbo mode and bought five bottles on abaddon?

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I'll close with this:


test i just want to see if i can quote posts from other threads

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