nyte nudes

"[bren_dan] Nmagane!": jones. This guy posts on r/relationships all day - he's jerking off to this
<05:33:10> "minecraft ts": and then what
<05:33:11> "real thug #8904": she has never apologized to me once
<05:33:13> "real thug #8904": i will move on
<05:33:17> "minecraft ts": you will move on
<05:33:26> "minecraft ts": when she apologizes for failling to uphold her committment?
<05:33:30> "[bren_dan] Nmagane!": I can just post the logs on the forum right now and she'll apologize right away
<05:33:31> "real thug #8904": alightsoul i am friends with nmagane
<05:33:36> "real thug #8904": she got angry at me
<05:33:40> "real thug #8904": for posting the grandfather thit
<05:33:42> "real thug #8904": she through a fit
<05:33:44> "minecraft ts": I don't care about that
<05:33:45> "real thug #8904": "Goodbye ethan"
<05:33:47> "minecraft ts": We are talking about the apology
<05:33:51> "real thug #8904": and I told her I loved her, im sorry it didn't work out
<05:33:54> "real thug #8904": and she blew up
<05:33:58> "real thug #8904": that I would tell people about that
<05:33:59> "real thug #8904": she's more worried
<05:34:04> "real thug #8904": about the stupid fucking sycophants knowing
<05:34:06> "real thug #8904": that she's an waful person
<05:34:11> "real thug #8904": rather than I was obscenely hurt by that
<05:34:14> "real thug #8904": see, if she apologizes
<05:34:21> "minecraft ts": what did she say
<05:34:22> "real thug #8904": it legitimizes that she actually cared for me at some point
<05:34:23> "real thug #8904": nothing
<05:34:25> "real thug #8904": I told her i loved her
<05:34:26> "[bren_dan] Nmagane!": Thanks ethan.
I’m glad I really meant something to you.
<05:34:28> "real thug #8904": no matter what she did to me
<05:34:35> "real thug #8904": and all i had for her
<05:34:37> "real thug #8904": was forgiveness
<05:34:39> "real thug #8904": and she said nothing
<05:34:40> "real thug #8904": nothing.
<05:34:45> "[bren_dan] Nmagane!": How the fuck does your brain work? How do you get off blaming me? And the worst part is that you don’t even SEE how much you treat me like trash with all this bullshit
<05:34:45> "real thug #8904": she just berated
<05:34:46> "real thug #8904": me
<05:34:47> "real thug #8904": and made fun of me
<05:34:51> "real thug #8904": and i just kept telling her
<05:34:52> "real thug #8904": i loved her
<05:34:54> "real thug #8904": and i still loved her
<05:34:58> "real thug #8904": and that i would forgive her for anything
<05:35:00> "real thug #8904": and she said NOTHING
<05:35:02> "minecraft ts": all you had for her was forgiveness dude?
<05:35:04> "[bren_dan] Nmagane!": this is a one sided story
<05:35:10> "real thug #8904": see, that's why I think it's a fucking lie dude
<05:35:13> "minecraft ts": You sent her a bunch of shit about killing herself
<05:35:14> "real thug #8904": that's why it bothers me so much
<05:35:18> "minecraft ts": Wanting to drive over her in a ditch
<05:35:19> "real thug #8904": i apologized
<05:35:19> "minecraft ts": Or something
<05:35:20> "real thug #8904": for all of it
<05:35:21> "minecraft ts": on the site
<05:35:24> "minecraft ts": You cant just do something
<05:35:26> "[bren_dan] Nmagane!":
You literally called me a dumb whore on the forums dude
<05:35:26> "minecraft ts": Apologize
<05:35:27> "real thug #8904": she wasn't mad about
<05:35:29> "[bren_dan] Nmagane!": thats all she cared about
<05:35:30> "real thug #8904": that crap
<05:35:30> "minecraft ts": And expect it to change nohting
<05:35:31> "real thug #8904": she was mad about
<05:35:33> "real thug #8904": the exact things
<05:35:38> "real thug #8904": the real things that actually happened
<05:35:43> "real thug #8904": i have apologized
<05:35:44> "real thug #8904": for what I do
<05:35:45> "real thug #8904": I have explained
<05:35:47> "real thug #8904": that i am awful
<05:35:48> "real thug #8904": and flawed


I have a Maxtor hard drive dated 2002-2004 with 100 mb of Nyte logs selling for 10,000 Wongs OBO


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Stop encouraging this

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056:52> "Nmagane!": matticus is such a cool guy
<056:53> "real thug #8904": you should have an auction toprak
<056:54> "real thug #8904": that'd be funny
<056:57> "Nmagane!": I wish he came here more often
<056:59> "real thug #8904": if we could ascertain what the price
<0570> "real thug #8904": of a nyte nude is
<0579> "real thug #8904": maybe i could sell them to fund my phone bill
<057:10> "Nmagane!": yeah we have nyte nudes and nyte logs
<057:15> "Nmagane!": auction both out

this is borderline


was encouraging YNS to call jones dad borderline


I wonder if nyte would want to call jones dad for auctioning her nudes off

wow jones is a literal autistic retard and can’t see how he causes people to dislike him

all I’ve gotten from this

Instead of being killed or put in a coma, I'm reading this... Jesus, what went wrong

Troia 2.0

Jones is just a beta

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Nyte needs a real cowboy

this is completley out of context and is obviously a propoganda piece by the anti-jones (of the larger anti-goy-club) lobby. I guarantee to the constituency that the full log is much more humorous.

Alightsoul can verify that I am in the process of flying to the greater Sacramento area within the next few days and there is nothing you can do to stop me.

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Make your time.