Occult thread

i’m willing to answer any questions and do simple divinations

Can you cast a spell to get rid of all the gay niggas on NAdota

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Drakes eyebrows look like two caterpillars covered in tar

@TreeWonSevin @ersu is doing some Pet Semetary type shit, can you please dispell the demon inside of him inshallah

Occult Investing

Thoughts on David Lynch


queer in every sense, just a guy disrespecting jung

This is just a schizophrenic person/normal twitter user

whats the deal with DMT

(laugh track)

descartes wrote a lot about it, pretty googleable

what if i believe the pineal gland stuff is all bs

you’re free to believe whatever

Thoughts on Moloch/Minerva and modern theories about connections to some political groups?

dont ever bring this up again

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Would you participate in a child sacrifice if you knew it would further the collection of occult knowledge and perhaps potentially save us from some impending great catastrophe?


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