Octopath Traveler

I have a couple long train trips coming up so I grabbed this - anyone played it yet? What did you think?

been thinking about picking it up

Copped it last night and spent about an hour with it, not far enough in to have a strong opinion, will report back

games lit just one thing to keep in mind for anyone that hasnt played yet the first character that you pick is always your main story protag and will ALWAYS need to be in your party for everything but side stories

How’s this game 60 vux lol

probably worth it if you like jrpgs tbh it seems to have a lot of content im 8 hours in and havent even started any chapter 2 shit

i do like my jrpgs but i got so many i have to finish or play. im gonna get a switch soon, maybe start perusing craigslist for one

I started as Cyrus and just finished getting the merchant girl.

Solid game so far. The battle system is an improvement on the other JRPGs I’ve played over the years.

game looks cool but i just have a hard time justifying buying a full price jrpg nowadays, seems like few things really distinguish themselves from the pack enough to warrant an immediate play

its not like nintendo games really get steam sales tho

the same could be said of any console, they just dont do blowout sales like steam.

honestly this ones probably worth it im pretty into it

Bought it cause this thread. Picked warrior dude. Wanted to pick merchant or dancer girl but I figured I might get romance later so I didn’t. Merchant girl had the best synopsis. That’s a DND character I would play.

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I did go with tressa myself, and it’s probably going to be a better skillset late game than my alternative, but early i wish i had therion without using one of my extra party slots for stealing without having to go switch in every town

Merchant girl is definitely one of the more interesting ones.

The huntress girl’s skillset and stuff are awesome but I FUCKING HATE her dialogue.

I’m just about to collect the last character (priest girl). I just went in order around the circle because it was an easy path but soon there will be a big decision about where to go next welp

I had it on English. First line from random npc made my ears sting . Closed game switched to Japanese.

I’ve been switching back and forth because I think the differences are kinda neat but everything about the huntress dialogue sucked no matter the audio language.

I dunno it’s not like the voi e acting and the.linea match up super well so far. It’s like most of the voices are just emotes anyways.

True, but it seems like during certain important cutscenes they have full voice acting.

Haven’t got that far. Still in my starting village