It’s come to my attention that alightsoul has been checking out my LinkedIn. He has been known to leak things on the forums from private spaces before (he did this with discord channels to me before). He even used my name in the blog thread recently. Just wanted to let you all know to watch out for doxxing behavior from alightsoul

Edit: some other things alightsoul has done that are truly malicious:

  • Nma once hosted a mafia game and tried out an alternative to chatzy. Afterwards, he realized it gave him everyone’s IP addresses. Alightsoul kept trying to get nma to give him the IP addresses of nadota posters, but nma, thankfully, didn’t.
  • Alightsoul came up with the idea to frame Slithereen for posting CP in the flatsix discord. He then photoshopped a picture of Slithereen posting loli shit in that discord and sent it along to Dendi. Dendi kept insisting that Slithereen was posting CP because he had an image of proof, which eventually led to Dendi being permabanned.
  • Allegedly doxxed dan (I don’t know he did this for sure.

Alightsoul has previously doxxed Dan and leaked his information publicly - it’s not news to anyone that he does this. Just a pitiful troll.

Wtf wintermute


No, actually. I don’t think that

That or it took you a while to find my linkedin

You’re not very good at this.

reminds everyone of the reminder thread

Alightsoul doxxed KZZ and has effectively doxxed Ewiz, but morons on this site continue to cry about “Goy Club”.

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In case people don’t remember, Nicholas J. Checkers was the persona that alightsoul made up for J and made a faked LinkedIn as him

He is scrawling and attempting to downplay or refute his actions, but he is doing it with zero confidence, and that is, unfortunately, very obvious.

The KZZ thing may or may not be a joke but I know for certain that he doxxed dan (and is probably not banned because he’s blackmailing him) because he shared his info.

I agree. It’s very disconcerting and a huge invasion of privacy.

He didn’t doxx kzz tho, afaik

he came into teamspeak and said something in regard to me as KZZ’s grandfather doing something in physics.

Nicholas J Checkers is one of the greatest inventions of our time

Idk nmagane has threatened that I’ve been doxxed

I want you to feel completely safe. I don’t want you to think there’s any malicious intent here.

If you want to talk to me about it directly or with you, me, and Dan in a chat we can do that. I don’t think this is the place to talk about this (as you can see from the responses in the thread). I am with the girlfriend right now but willget on discord when she leaves.

Where have I done that? You just can’t read properly and are paranoid.

i always laugh when i watch this video