Official Best Poster Thread

  • big benny
  • jdance
  • nmagane

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It’s in alphabetical order. Good job.

Ian’s vote doesn’t count he is biased

are benny and nmagame on a level of irony i don’t recognize they just sort of seem middling retarded

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they sort have seem retarded

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If nmagane votes for me we keep this poll balanced


If I had to choose between nmagane and Benny id choose Benny

I think from a intellectual perspective Nmagane is definitely the most engaging.

I definitely have more of a cognitive buffer however.

Why? I have seen your debates with Nmagane and you always come out looking disheveled and unprepared.

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It’s hard to prepare for an argument with a brick wall

To be clear, this is not a poll to choose the best of the three. It’s choosing the best poster on this forum, which I have narrowed down to the only posters who are actual contenders.

The fact that you view his arguments as a brick wall is exactly what I mean. You should enter any argumentative context with a flexible cognition that your philosophies and worldview may legitimately be changed for the better. Seeing you enter arguments against Nmagane when he brings up more than fair points and cling so desperately to your own grounding of reality leads me to believe you don’t have the mental strength to accept new positions on life.

It is a poll to choose the best of the 3 then you just said it.


Thanks. It would be interesting to see why you perceived as such; some posters expressed (in the past that is) entertainment derived from unintended comedic effect (in regards to my posts) whilst multiple have private messaged me and said that I can hold my own intellectually. The same applies to Nmagane I’m sure.

Look I’m wicked smart as well I just don’t enjoy leveraging my intellectual foundations for no reason.

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You gain nothing from educating the masses; you gain unexplicable amounts from starving them of it.

For example in 6th grade I was like hey stem cell extraction from aborted fetuses ain’t so bad and the rest of the class was like that’s murder and I’m like nah family on a macro and microeconomics like level, both in the expected gain of the individual who aborted the fetus, and then societies need to subsidize that child when the individual cannot provide, we lose nothing from stealing life’s essence from that unborn child and instead putting it back into the life economy in the form of hair cells, muscle cells, or whatever bolsters and fortifies society in measurable and calculated ways

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