Official Categories of Non-Goy Club Members Of This Forum Thread

Anyone who listens to days and daze is a grub for sure

You’re all fucking retarded

The funniest part of this thread is ewiz thinking he is actually accepted by these people

Meanwhile the minute he leaves the teamspeak they are just laying into him. It’s sad how gullible you are dude

I’m going to start stealing shit fuck it dude

You’re just jealous of my 401k

Yeah I am actually. Next.

No, I have no doubt they make fun of me. This thread is just a callback to when called everyone worms

[](The girl from the well)

Does anyone know an entemologist, please refer them for an ama I have too many questions

you’ve betrayed your punk roots and got a 401k go buy a minivan and take your kids to practice you fucking soccer mom

I actually jacked off to that vid

The link goes in the parentheses and the text in the brackets.

No it’s fine how it is

What is the well?

I think it’s probably where she was left to die

while I’m busy spray painting walls and stealing hot sauce from Walmart’s telling the man to go fuck himself you’re busy clocking your hours in to your soul crushing office job wearing a tie and looking like a fucking FBI agent government loving capitalist

gotta hop on the next train to Austin and get weird for the winter

I don’t wear ties

Are you a gay boy that leaves the top two buttons unbuttoned with no tie