Official Categories of Non-Goy Club Members Of This Forum Thread

Which are you, non-goys?

Posting in a thread that is so garbage that I will be the only response to it

@Nmagane, as the best character reader on this site, can you please classify users as worms or grubs?

Shut up, grub

Thought I was a grub but my dommy called me a worm so I need to reevaluate


Is @theGreatWingdingi a grub or worm? I feel like he exhibits the defining characteristics of both

This thread is ass

Once again this person takes some mundane detail from his life and uses it as an excuse to belittle people

Thanks for the @ tho

Alightsouls a worm

How was your life growing up having a worm as a father and a grub as a mother?

This insult is ass

Whatever he is, he’s most definitely a VIRGEN

This reply is unoriginal

Typical grub posting

Does deepthroat have severely low self esteem and acne by chance?

Yes but no and he’s not a virgen

No but he has gay tattoos like the little grub he is