Official List of Disgusting Human Beings From NADotA Thread

I’ll add more as these are debated out in the thread:

  • Electrowizard
  • Alightsoul
  • Jones
  • Nma
  • Big Benny
  • Chris Watola
  • agile_mind
  • Flatsix
  • broodstar (added because I’m sure alightsoul will argue about it if I don’t)
  • keepitmello
  • goodn1ght
  • airhog
  • Nyte
  • Troia
  • dotakyle
  • Darkbyte

That’s all I can think of right now, add more!

Somebody post the logs of ewiz doxxing people in the team speak (with clarification that he did so under the name “alightsoul”)

I can’t do it because I’m on my phone (at the gym)

And for the record I don’t have an issue with any of those people they’re all good guys with their own little flaws

Including you, ewiz. Including you.

Person. And that was just telling nma where casey used to work

Post the logs of him making fun of the way mello looks and then saying it was justified because he was conservative

How’s Nyte not on that list and Troia


Troia was before my time, adding

What about nyte wrestling on beds at TI

that was wholesome fun

I’m just glad she avoided the saint bernard kisses

how do u qualify?

add magicmagininja to the list he got cucked by a girl and she told him he had to suck another dude off to get with her and he heavily considered it/did it

Might as well add dotakyle too that man was completely irrational

The only disgusting human being is @SOPHIE hahaha. He’s a mess.

Mimick1 going IN

Kyle added. Not adding magic cause I’m not a kinkshamer

Why am I on the list? I wasn’t part of the nadota doxxing stuff at all. I am in none of the logs.

The only disgusting human being here is @SOPHIE hahahaha.

Remove me from this list. I am in none of the logs as I have no interest in petty drama or inciting gossip and provoking people.

@SOPHIE is the only sub-optimal forum member.

I wouldn’t consider him a member.