official Monday day of the week thread

thread to talk about mondays and feeling the soul crushing pressure of work come down on top of you just counting your eight hours away day by day year by year clocking in towards the sweet release of death thread

Good thing im in college and get mad pussy

I had nothing to do today so I just typed at people about this forum.

there is about 3 and a half more hours in my monday

paid my phone bill

living with my eyes closed

getting Money

Never met a dollar i didnt like

I am in tuesday now

Fucking Monday folks


Enjoying my monday

I didn’t go in to work this weekend and everything went to shit while I was gone. This Monday sucked dick.

NOI and Hebrew Israelite youtube is a guilty pleasure of mine. I dont know why but I find them so damn funny.

Monday shift at the post office sucked. But only one more shift this week and then it’s back to living the musician life.

i did nothing on monday since we have days off and i just wanna die i hate days off actually

thats the biggest first world problem and i acknowledge that idk whats wrogn with me

I like to think that the bad feeling related to not being productive is actually you becoming more aware of how important and limited time is in your life.
Nothing to be ashamed of fam :+1::heart:

Wish i got bad feelings for being lazy on a holiday

i like monday and i like work, i wake up nice and energized for work on monday,

Work hard out there boys success and accomplishing things is a great feeling.

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