Officially insane thread

Just went officially insane yesterday night

all the thoughts in my head got completely scrambled and when i see peoples faces it just feels like im looking at a television screen

everything is sort of de-realized and i have insane amounts of anxiety

now who’s pretending to be mentally ill?

this is a big L for all the haters

Tfw you think people can read your thoughts so you start thinking white noise and it works

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if your amount of anxiety wasn’t managable then you wouldnt be posting here you’d be either killing yourself or on your way to emergency brain repair

not to say that whatever youre going through doesnt suck tho… good luck with that

managable as in standing in a park and chainsmoking till i fall asleep then yeah

its managable

managable as in attending class and doing projects and talking to people- no

maybe you should join the military and go to the mosque more often

Oh fuck dude

Fuck Mosque…I pray to Allah in whicever fucmin direction I want bich

the kind of DP/DR where you can barely feel your limbs is the worst

if u feel like ur about to become tied to a wheelchair for the rest of your life maybe u should go to the ER

That’s pretty expensive here, you can’t just pop in for cheap.

i have done this and am working on my anxiety

did they really say anxiety was the cause of your malfunctioning nervous system

i don’t know what else, i was so healthy for 20 years i never had to worry about anything

what happened

a lot of small things within one or two months last summer

  • ended a relationship i wasn’t comfortable in but was second guessing myself for a long time after
  • dropped out of college (for a valid reason but still)
  • failed my driver’s license, wasted my parents’ money - then the instructor died and i couldn’t continue (i paid the final bill myself without ever mentioning it to them again)
  • my small business plans with a friend were rejected and i couldn’t start that
  • we were in talks of multiple jobs and only got one of those (freelance web design projects)
  • some unnecessary blown out of proportion family drama

you cant continue if your instructor dies? sounds insane

howd you fail your driver’s license?

ill have u know you seem like a more interesting person than 9999% of this website