On The Market For a New E-Girlfriend

Title, I’m looking for a new E-Girlfriend.

If you’re interested, my contact info is listed on my homepage: https://notjones.xyz

I have around $75 left in Amazon gift card balance I made reverse engineering japanese pirate television, and if you play your cards right, it could end up yours.

TO MALES WHO VIEW THIS: It would be helpful if you could forward this to potential interested women. No! I’m not gay.

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Hey, figure this is as good a place as any to post this:

I Am Also On The Market For A New E-Girlfriend

  • must have boobs and not a dick
  • can not be crazy

Not sure if this is important to mention but I am significantly less insane and less of a jerk than the bachelor above.

hey women, looking to take any girls who want to come to LA out to dinner but you have to be in your early 30s and work with horses regularly

this thread is specifically for e-girlfriends nyte, you might want to try the e-boyfriend thread available in the index.

Whatever you need man

Going to have to agree with Jones on this one

Nyte should not be allowed to post here unless she is requisitioning one of the available bachelors

jones - handicapped, forum deviant.

23, 6’6", 150lbs. white male, non-smoking non-drinking

Interests: swimming, dynamic binary analysis,
compilers, systems programming, traffic obfuscation, sailboats

Favorite Music: Tool, Alice in Chains, Fiona Apple, The National
Favorite Movie: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.
Favorite Food: fried catfish

Occupation: NONE
Past years income: around $700



You should probably post some stats so women know what they’re getting.
Like me, I’m a white 5’4" 187lb male.

Oh shit you’re already on it.

I’m extremely muscular

I have spent the entire month of january taking out my emotions on big heavy weights

I am working on this thing called “the dragon flag” which I saw jeff cavalier do on youtube

@kittens are you interested in going out on an e-date with me

I also do not have a job so I have the maximum amount of free time to tend to your needs and ignore your calls

@SOPHIE @roragok can you assholes make a personals subforum

-grabs him by the throat- back the fuck off!?!?!?

We’re all filming video dating ads and streaming them so nyte and kittens + their friends can have their pick

I currently work full time in Los Angeles and made about 35k last year

Nyte I would saint bernard lick your fucking asshole

Here’s a bodyshot for you to know what you’re working with.


The line is “I will take to your cunny like a St. Bernard to a nearly empty jar of Jif”

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