On The Market For a New E-Girlfriend

Cool thanks

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where do you want to go to dinner @nyte

I go here a lot it’s really good

this is a really good place in Beverly Hills I’ve been to

This has great avatar potential

or here this is also really good and famous people go here too

Another malicious offender appears

I didn’t know you were an avid swimmer Ethan.

That seems like the best aerobic excercise, but as for me I’m afraid of public pools due to people peeing in them.

Peeing in pools was the best fucking feeling in the world when I was a kid

Urine is sanitary

was never able to pee in the pool even if i tried dunno why

You have inadequate prostate pressure

aight imma bout to have my prostate checked then

The bullying of one, Ethan Jones, has gone too far. Everyone has pushed him into a meltdown that is very obviously damaging his personal relationships and life. Another Loki is coming.

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Think there’s potential, do we share the same interests? Here’s a spattering of the mailing lists I’m subscribed/lurk on!



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Haha these are so good

I’m great with kids!

wait is that actually jones cause i’m hard as a rock now

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