OpenAI game.

I’m playing vs OPENAI tomorrow, I summon the great minds of NAMafia to conjure up some abusive strategies to beat Skynet.

Banned items: Bottle, rapier
No access to Illusion runes
No scan
Hero pool: Axe, CM, DP, earthshaker, gyro, lich, lion, necro, qop, razor, riki, sf, slark, sniper, sven, tide, viper, WD.
Couriers are normal now

Games are played in CM with all bans being wasted on non-hero pool heroes and we’re not allowed to ban playable heroes (though we can blockpick)

lich/lotus orb is still bugged right

idk, this is my first game

Damn this is a fun thread

All glory to Klaze.

Farm hard early. Rat Dota. Split push. Avoid enemy when they group up. Try wombo combo strats to get kills.

That’s the general gameplan.

QoP seems pretty garbage but I’ve thought of him blinking in the treeline with a smoke, placing a ward (setting up for 3 potential easy courier kills), then killing the courier before tping mid.

Good luck from a 3k shitter here. I could never beat them.

Look at the last games where the AI posted a 90% estimated winrate after the draft and steal their heroes.
Kinda cheesy, but a win is a win.

pick np, level global tp first, tp into the trees by fountain.

place a ward just out of fountain range so you can see when their courier leaves.

tp out and lane normally until you see the courier and go snipe it

I also think if you show randomly on their map (global tp to like a t2 and then tp out) they might not respond to it properly (like all try to rotate and kill you) and you could create a bunch of space by bugging out the software

NP Isn’t pickable. Which is why qop is needed.

Build BKB on every hero

If it’s the same rules as the other games you need to get used to using the couriers constantly to get regen to stay in lane and spam spells. The bots will group up and deathball and their strategy essentially boils down to “spam every nuke we have at any hero that walks close enough to us” that’s why bkb should be basically core on every hero on your team. Pick SF and go blink bkb and just bkb blink in the middle of every team fight to land sick ults.

Couriers are invincible anyways.

Oh shit couriers are normal now??

So there’s only one courier?

snipe it and win mid

Yeah they definitely relied on courier a lot in the game where they had 5

I’m wondering if they will all be trying to ferry regen/relying on courier a lot and you can exploit that

have your entire team afk in fountain and watch the bot FREAK out!

buy a gem and spam drop it hoping it’ll distract them