Our very own Timado creates BIG drama after saying that SA scene is trash

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don't worry timado we'll support you ^_^

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He’s right until Valve and the Trump administration remove the very racist Arrow Gaming bans.


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no mames guey

Never heard of him

remember when mason would post some bullshit and then nadota would get like 2000 lurkers onlinr, I wanna see u pull those numbers here Timado

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someones gotta send beehive the site first

that was fun

Post this on reddit and get timado blacklisted for homophobia

Lmao that was always hilarious

Just kidding temado - Don’t worry about what you say on here , nobody will find out.

He’s blameless since he lives in Peru and not a country with a developed LGBT movement


He can plea that he’s a product of his environment

You can be a homophobe provided you’re surrounded by homophobes.

Well you can say that anywhere - not just peru - you can say it in america, if you live in such a community. Does that make it okay to be homophobic/racist?

dota community seems pretty forgiving I don’t think there’s any NA player that didn’t use to say n*****

They have to write formal corporate apologies on twitter now.

This is honestly just so funny