I fuckng lost

I support you whatever this thread is

It’s too hard

Play it just for 10 minutes i bet u cant stop after 10 minutes

this shit kept me up an extra hour last night just looking at a white screen making paperclips

I cant be up for an hour i have to SLEEP

no you wont be, just play 8-10 minutes

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Alright whats the strategy

make paperclip = acquire money and yomi and good computer = ez gaem

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its cookie clicker with more autism

I’m at 1692 with 6 autoclippers and 0 marketing

I dont think you even need autos you can hold enter

you certainly do, there are mega upgrades to them so clicking becomes irrelevant minutes in

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Im going for marketing

We are going to sell paperclips to airpods buyers at 1000 a pop

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make sure to invest in the stock market and use ur quantum computer

What the fuck was quantum computing a scam

This game fucking sucks

na it comes in clutch un eed to buy positironic chips

Quantum computing is good but it’s not initially obvious how it works. When there’s black squares in the Quantum window, you mash the Compute button and instantly max out on ops.