Patch 7.30


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1 slark 2 dawnbreaker

qop and dp

luna gyro still

void sf

undying tusk veno

Convinced balancers don’t watch the game

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i figured that out in 2017

Tbh, this new Undying shard is massive dogshit.

Who the fuck auto attacks on undying.

Normal Skill for sure. You should always be maximizing the amount of autos you can do in a fight. Undying probably has more opportunity to right click than most supports. I think this is basic dota knowledge. Dont buy shard if the shard sucks but dont dare act like you arent supposed to auto attack.

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Ok but build has attack speed incorporated in a Undying build lmao.

What am I supposed to do buy echo sabre to get a HUGE 2x 40 dmg zombie proc!? LMAO

40 dmg which is piercing therefore doing like..25 dmg, mitigated by base armor doing like...18 dmg per hit.


doesnt matter, make sure you auto in team fights regardless of hero. This will at least get you to legend.

Not more than most ranged but yeah, you're supposed to try and get a few autos on while you're Ults going

Guys.... I play a ton of Undying I'm aware, but there is no synergy with the new shard and the items Undying builds.

The only thing i can see is Assault cuirass but even then thats a lot of gold to make a shard work..

yes we agree, just make sure you are auto attacking fights and you might actually start winning your undying games.

I can beat any of you with 1 hand in dota.

I would even stream it.


Like the obvious strategy is to buy Drum on Undying because pumping Zombie hordes with Drum is basically a 100% increase in damage for the, because of their B.A.S

However, it does not make sense to open with drum when using the Flesh Golem shard because it's not retroactive.

Numeta vs refpsi 1v1 for suspension?

Who is the most sigma? The biggest Chad?

Witch Doctor is the most broke mid hero right now.

2x Null + Veil of Discord is incredible. You can kill heroes without even death warding lol.

Cask does insane damge now.....Maledict has no nerfs lately, and Helm of the Dom is GG as well on WD. You can throw cask and sync up Centaur stun every time at minimum granting 2-3 seconds of ward damge.


i aint scurred of no challenge like that ur talkin out ur ass

Normal skill.

@Numeta is a bitch

Leshrac is really fucking strong mid.

His aghanims is super good, his shard is super good.

Atos, Ghost Sceptor, Aeon Disk ETC.

Great hero