Phantoms: Postgame

In the night, Roragok is stumped, and as the Mafia 2-Shot Prodigy dies so too has the entire mafia team. Town Victory!

  1. wolfy - Town 2-Prodigy
  2. Roragok - Mafia 2-Prodigy - Gunned by Benny N3
  3. Friend - Phantom
  4. Bazinga - VT
  5. Nyte - Phantom
  6. Kyle - VT - Lynched D2
  7. FMU - Mafia Phantom Doctor - Lynched D2
  8. epok - VT
  9. Rildom - Mafia Phantom Silencer - Lynched D3
  10. Jenanda - Phantom - Stumped N2
  11. Murs - Town 1-Armorsmith - Stumped N1
  12. KK - Phantom
  13. Benny - Town 2-Gunsmith

Thanks for the host gamut it was a good game

Why would you even stump me n2

Kinda disappointed in how this game played out because it didn't feel like it came anywhere close to the format's potential. Extending D3 ended up fucking Mafia hard, but D1-2 were so slow that I felt like if people were starting to play the game I wanted to let them.

Mafia were doing quite well - town were confused about their reads and not using their PRs, but found the right lynches anyway.

The cool thing about this setup is there's still tons of room for chaos even after you see one way it can play, so if I ever run this again, you can expect it to look pretty different. Maybe.

@anon75925521 good call. Rora was really low on my suspect list. I guess I should've known. 2 town prodigies and a gunsmith seemed too op.

@Gamut thanks for hosting. Fun game.

wolfy single handedly outed two of the scum

benny tunneled the third

other people were getting to sussing roragok (epok/jenanda/kkat/nyte) by eod3 but it didn't even matter

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really disappointed in jenanda - 2 games now essentially griefing the best town player - could it be on purpose?

I will host the next game - will put up sign-ups tonight.

Yeah wolfy was mvp for sure.

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Which player did I grief

I am in a learning stage after changing up my game to focus less on character reads and more on soulreading

Wolfy was clearly the MVP

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wolfy this game, fmu last game

in the sense that you spent 80% of the game telling people to ignore them or Lynch them when they were the most correct at the time


I am currently polar opposite reads so the correct play in every game is to take the people I am hard defending as town and lynch them

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I thought wolfy was bussing they had a really weird game but I guess he just has autism


To be fair I think a lot of towns had the same reads as me

Wolfy was also hard pushing Nyte which was not correct

Was interested to see if I got mislynched for the first time ever boy did I play scummy and badly this game

@rildom you played well i thought you were town for sure