Phone number vs IG/SOCIAL MEDIA

I need opinions.
Is it better to get phone numbers or social media/snapchat/igs?

I personally usually get the phone number because i dont have a big online presence and i feel if i cant get her number i legit cant have them. Social media put me in the back of the line unless you have mad clout. Where with the phone i dont gotta worry about that bs, we can just talk just us.

You shouldn’t even interact with the opposite sex


let's turn this thread into a petition for suspending the op.

i need 7 people to weigh in on this. yay or nay?

Mods stay hunting me but they wont dare check out whats on hunter bidens laptop.

MODS STAY HATING but they wont ever question who told them to hate me.
MODS cant touch me.

They wanna get rid of me because they know im the most NA person here.

They would only ban me out of spite.

i get threatened on my life all the time on this board. Mods dont give a damn

but let me start an actual discussion and they already putting money on my head.

im okay with the threats lets get back to the discussion.

PHONE greater than social media.


you shouldnt be interacting with women

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Least i wont threaten to kill them for different ideologies.

Woman like me alot. Im a very attractive successful man.

what if i told you that you're in a manic phase right now

you're sadly so out of touch that attempting discussion with you is pointless, and you upset the most amount of users while supporting and spouting dangerous narratives, like, 'it's no big deal to be defying mask mandates.'

you (as a persona) would actually claim that my request of input on whether you should be silenced/suspended has to do with spite - no, it definitely has to do with the demeaning and virulent bullshit you spew. i desire no ill will towards you, and, in fact, i've never pushed for your banning.

ban him

I would just bring up everytime you threatened to kill/attack me.

Relax mod u worry too much about me.
lmfao imagine thinking u should be in charge of controlling narratives yet allowing open threats on my life.

Relax dont ban anyone and stop threatening me. You say you never push for my banning but hijack my thread to make it about banning me.

this is what a push looks like

Im the most threatened and poorest treated forum member. Everyone knows it. They cant deny it. They can only justify it.

for good reason