Play Chess - Right Now

I’m wanting to go to a tournament this weekend but I’m pretty sick…3hr drive…not sure if it’s worth it

Nmagame is currently 0 for 3 against me

That’s not true.

He’s being… chuckles extremely nice right now


Let’s go

Haven’t played in forever

I am the victor.

No you’re not

Post link

Play with yns nmagane

@epok ban this account next

It’s 10pm (22:00 pm) I will play more games another night

im triggered, why did you write it 22:00 pm
i hope that was a troll

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22:00 pm (at night)

u don’t need the PM bro!

Did you play nma or did he leave after that

You dont need the colon either, it’s just 2200

Wait im getting trolled, you can’t possibly genuinely not know that.

bro he’s not writing doctors orders he can do what he wants

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