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I demand take backs

No mulligans in chess.
Except when your opponent says "Are you sure??"
That was our old rule.

that's the hard part about chess, the other guy is always doing something

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Watched Mason lose to 510 elo ranked player yesterday

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Finally worn my first blitz game. Five minutes on the clock for each player.
My opponent ran out of time and I had 24 seconds on the clock and about to get a new queen.

To be honest he could've gotten a draw if he moved real fast.
There was no way I was getting a checkmate in 24 seconds.

I think I suck at chess.

My chess dot com name.

Add me if you want to play.

I think I can beat anyone here except Ian, Iaafr, and faZ.
-edit and asoul.


i've never played

The rules are simple enough.
I could teach you. Or you could learn on
Chess Lessons - Learn with Online Courses -


Let's do it.
I don't know how to add friends.

Can't even get friends because no-one uses

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Play on instead

Let's go. Right now.

GG you beat me easy.
5 minute games are hard for me.

We both blundered rooks. It's ok

Btw my rank on for 5 min blitz is 300.

I will be your friend on Krazy. What's your name. We can play correspondence chess it is fun

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