Play Chess - Right Now

Yeah sorry I had to put it on a quick timer because I was in a Dota game with Jones and Osiris.

Stockfish gamers be like

Also you can look for FazMoves there too.

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Lol kkat found me on somehow

I am sure you will beat me. I can't even win against hog rider.

Hog rider?

One of the new bots sponsored by Clash.

I've got a hog right here for you to ride.

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Finally beat hog rider.
Faz and I are in a tight game right now.
@big_ass are you going to add me as a friend?

I was but then the admin of the website sent me an insulting image.

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beat hog rider on my first try

Not really a surprise considering all the hog you've been riding recently.

that's not nice

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Who is bentomat?
Just sent me a friend request.

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A bentomat is a synthetic barrier typically used to protect soil in ground construction from liquid or gas contamination

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Also your mom

Thats alightsoul

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So who is 50b3k ?