Play Chess - Right Now


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Osiris is a better name.
Didn't that god impregnate other dudes with his detachable penis?
Or am I getting the lore wrong?

His brother Set dismembered his body after killing him. His wife and sister Isis reassembled his body allowing him to return to life. I think Horus and maybe Anubis were his sons but it's been a while. He was considered a god of fertility and the deceased

Almost every egyptian deity was linked to fertility though they were really into peepees

Want to play a game of chess?

im in a civ 5 multiplayer game rn maybe after

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When are you going to play KrazyKat for all the marbles?

Are you going to play a game, or will take six months.
Faz is replying almost every day.

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Play me.


You have to keep reminding me or I will forget (resulting in a def win for you)

Game over in 15 moves

Your avatar.
EZ Clap.

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Special ed guy

GGood question

Yeah Faz kicked my ass.
Do you think you could do better?

When it comes to chess, I ride the short bus.
Asoul will probably beat me too.

Play move

Krazy Kat. Krazy Kat

e4 got kkat feelin shook