pls vote -- itt;blog

should itt;blog be treated as serious or is it just spam?

  • It's serious-- keep it on topic
  • it's just a blog thread-- idc
  • john cena

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whoops voted wrong

nvm im dumb

this will decide how i moderate the thread so vote how you will

what was your intended vote?

it's correct now

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who fuckin cares tbh

It's the blog thread just blog and don't spam like 10 posts after another i think we're adults who can use our own judgment




Most are yes


keep in mind the poll is a euphemism for the actual question, "should dan keep randomly flagging jdance posts in the blog thread" with all of us but dan unanimously voting for the euphemism corresponding to "no"


its like, its easier to scroll past spam with minimal brain processing power when its not flagged

flagged posts just break the flow of reading

i mean personally i have trouble coming up with any situation where a flag is an actual good option; any really bad examples that come to mind fall under "should just get deleted"

the feature itself only makes sense for bigger communities where people might want to shield peoples eyes from things temporarily while mods are away

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and its not even spam, fat jdance photo was a fine post


but the bottom line is who the fuck is dan to decide whether everybody else has to click 1 extra time to experience fat jdance

Yeah I'm fine with this thread and my flags not being processed in my favor

You gonna take away my ability to vote? Real nonAmericsn to me

nobody else is flagging posts in the first place

They were when I was last around often and I think giving up on the feature or moderation kicking in for threads that make this site worth visiting is questionable to me but like always y'all decide