Pokemon Mafia Day 4

Friend the Pokemon Trainer is expelled from campus for failing to comply to the dress code for the third time this week. His lobbying fell on deaf ears. "Fishnet stockings for Water Trainers!"

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Day 4 Start

Day will last until 2018-12-12T15:00:00Z or majority vote.

Majority is 3.

@mafiabot startday 2133

@mafiabot vc

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Player Lynches

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Friend was town!

@mafiabot lynch bazingaboy

@mafiabot unvote

@SOPHIE @bazingaboy please make a post saying whether u r the doctor

@Mafiabot lynch epok

Game is won. Just cop me or bazingaboy tomorrow and everyone’s confirmed

Stoplostening to this retard and autolynching behind him

Im the real nursw

@mafiabot Lynch @sdadasdas

And I would’ve been able to post this yesterday if town didnt give in to instantly blitzing a town player and let everyone fucking post

His claim is 100% fake as mine is 100% not And I only see him fake claiming as a last ditch effort so flip him

Ian who did you cop

This is hilarious

If you need any more proof take a look at klaze not flipping last nyte and instead Friend doing so

Why would Mafia not flip the doc claim? Uhhh very hilarious lol

I understand that youre still trying and im commending you on that but this should be pretty obvious to anyone walking in

Lynch Klaze the fake claiming doc. I am real doc.

Why indeed? So you could do exactly what you’re doing here. Contesting my claim

Almost as hilarious as convincing town to blitz so they cant discuss and you don’t leave any chance of a counterclaim

Those dumbasses should’ve waited lol

Also unlike you softed a number of times when I was talking to iaafr

No you wouldve been the flip in any Case. Not sure what contesting would do with 5 players left…I call you out, flip you, people see youre not nurse? And then there’s still a day left for people to lunch me. That doesn’t make any sense