POLL: Ban jdance for 1 (ONE) month?

  • Yes
  • No

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jdance is content

theres good content and very bad content. Learn 2 differentiate

his content is so bad its funny

you joined this month. It’s literally been like this non-stop but worse for months. his posts fill the entire fucking board.

very true, i do have the privilege of not knowing jdance personally for more than a month

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jdance is the kurt cobaine of namafia

i agree he does need to put shotgun in mouth

Currently in a psyhics class, becoming a better person

Highschool diploma ✓

Tolerant of women and minorities ✓

Smoke Weed ✓


and yours? autistic 4chan mannerisms and so funny - what’s that - yes, memes


every time i make a post my face smirks like my avatar, can you say the same

yes, just look at her

obviously, goy votes will be weighted differently, or the entirety of this poll would be a farce.

Ban YOU for One Month

  • Ban Me.
  • Nooooo

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keep jdance here instead of turning him loose somewhere else where its more damaging

I like kurt cobain

just listening to bleach to feed my teenage angst flashbacks

I’ll take jdance shit posting on namafia over him doxxing YouTubers and streamers