[POLL] Do Nmagane and big-benny cheat?

  • Yes
  • Not sure, but I believe they do
  • Not sure, but I believe they don’t
  • No

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sorry had to remake poll to show public votes

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It’s a poll option - shows who voted for what

was doing that yeah


The real problem here is the question of to what extent and what actually is cheating

I think just refusing to even cast suspicion on each other is cheating enough

You are your DnD character in real life.

I don’t like the 100% reads, ever. I don’t like how they pile up on players. I think I know how to play around it in the future but I don’t like it.

Talking about the game in a non-official channel, period.

i legitimately buy nma misreading benny because he didn’t consider the possibility of hardbussing both teammates for a significant portion of the previous game

y’all do y’all though

I 100% read many players but one of them turned out to be wrong. People only remember the bad memories.

If this is going to be the new thread then I'll have to link this post since Wintermute asked for it.

If I provide you with a good reason to suspect your friend I would hope you would help me entertain it. I can play around this in the future I think – as I’ve thought of a way of possibly dealing with it.

I had thought of it and dismissed it with good reasoning as I explained before - I thought it was just Mafia going for an easy day 1 lynch rather than Mafia defending their partner that was coincidentally lynched by some moron epok drone.

It seemed weird to me that KKat wouldn’t policy lynch Benny. There were other possibilities, though.

I don’t consider “policy lynching” in mafia whatsoever. That may be a weakness since it’s all that this site is based on - but when people say stuff like what you said, and “yns would definitely policy nightkill nma and benny if he was mafia” I just cringe.

We legitimately don’t cheat.

It’s quite funny how this poll even exists by the way. It’s not really the most Logical approach hahaha - it’s not an election!

i don’t conceive of the poll as actually having any bearing on the likelihood of your guilt; it’s more like aggregating everybody’s individual stances on the matter

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This is a good point. Regardless of the unknowns (extent of private discussion in teamspeak), the knowns could be sufficient to take action.

However. The 100% thing is common reaction test/fluff read and other players do it.

The coordination of pressure is also a town mechanic buti think it's valid to argue here that the extent and nature are malicious enough to consider it ruining.

I’m sure you’re sane enough to realize that but others aren’t.