How do I approach women on online dating that I want a polygamous relationship with 2-3 women who I would provide for as house wives?

Big 3 bedroom apartment. Each gets a room. Doesn't have to work if they don't want to. Also take care of the place and me. I pay for everything else.




have you tried conquering hellene yet?

xerxes would have subjugated the peninsula by now you goober

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you butthead

human being

words fail me


Damn why didn’t plasma @ me

oh yeah?

this getting called off then?

tell me your thought bruh, was just asking the women

I have a great perspective on polygamy but plasma didn’t even @ me smh

Not only that but I have great experience with deviant online dating smh

You never wanted me anyways don’t act otherwise

tell me , how many bitches ca you get in one big apartment?

ina 3 bedroom what can i do with that?

I meannn… 8 at least

an indian bitch told me you need a big house for 4

You trying to wife these women or just thrive?

Cuz wife = 1 bed per wife

Thrive = 1 room per 2-3 women

would rather 1 woman per room

3 bedroom place. They all get a room. I get one or living room who cares after?