Poop thread version 2.0

ass make poop haha

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You ever do a 7 mile jog on leg day?

Does this affect your poops?

I hardly shit anything. Its extremely wild actually. Like all the food i eat is being utilized. Perhaps a tiny shard comes out every 2-3 days

what's a leg day

you and kim jong un have that in common!

I bet kim jong un has massive poops.

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it is my 2nd favourite novel of all time, only because god emperor (#4 in the series) is my favourite

this happened to me when i was dieting and doing 1500cals per day

it's normal, nothing to worry about

his grandpa was notorious for having the most ridiculous feasts, there's a ton of funny youtube videos about it

Took a very satisfying and large shit. Will post a picture later


What are you doing until then?
Letting it sit in the toilet?


@KrazyKat of all the og trilogy foundation "chapters" or like mini novels, which was your favourite?

I liked this but pls no pics of poop in the poop thread

You can describe it verbally but pls no visuals

dm them to me jdance

Oh my god. I just dropped the big one. Imagine a ten times wider banana. Absolutely INCREDIBLE shit. Cant wait to weigh myself tomorrow and come in 3 pounds lighter than ever before

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Holy shit there is more. Im still shitting.

It literally wont flush. Food scale measured it to 2.7 pounds

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