Poop thread version 2.0


Oh my god im STILL shitting. This is incredible. A truly EUPHORIC experience

Dude this is the reckoning. Im still going. I might genuinely weigh in like 4 pounds lighter tomorrow

This might be the most i have ever shit in one sitting. I cannot believe there was this much poop inside of me

what's your record for flushes needed? full poop no in between flushes

Your weird

Once upon a time, there was a man named Matt, plagued by an agonizing constipation that had tormented him for what felt like an eternity. Day after day, his belly grew tighter and tighter, as if an invisible vise gripped his intestines with relentless force.

Matt had tried countless remedies to find relief. He consumed fiber-rich foods, chugged gallons of water, and even subjected himself to dubious herbal concoctions. Yet, his efforts only yielded fleeting moments of false hope, as his bowels remained obstinately stagnant.

One fateful day, as Matt's despair reached its peak, he stumbled upon a peculiar article online. It spoke of a legendary, all-natural cure for constipation—a concoction so potent that its mere mention was shrouded in whispers of both awe and revulsion. Desperate and willing to try anything, Matt obtained the ingredients, an unholy mixture of prunes, molasses, and an assortment of potent laxatives.

With trembling hands, Matt prepared the concoction, an eerie aroma wafting through the air as he mixed the ingredients together. He hesitated for a moment, contemplating the potential horrors that lay ahead. Summoning his courage, he raised the glass to his lips and downed the putrid elixir in one swift gulp.

Time seemed to slow as the elixir made its way through Matt's digestive system. His stomach churned, gurgled, and protested against the invasion of such potent substances. Beads of sweat dripped from his forehead as he felt an otherworldly sensation building within him, a mix of discomfort and anticipation.

Suddenly, it hit him like a thunderclap—a tidal wave of pressure surged through Matt's abdomen, causing him to double over in agony. He sprinted to the bathroom, barely making it in time before an apocalyptic explosion ensued.

In the bathroom, the air grew thick with an indescribable stench—a foul symphony of odors that defied reason. The sheer force of Matt's rectal eruption rattled the foundations of the room. The walls trembled as a monstrous, guttural roar escaped his lips, a mixture of pain and liberation.

His eyes widened in disbelief as he beheld the sight before him—a colossal excretion of unimaginable proportions. It seemed to defy the laws of nature itself, a fecal behemoth that cascaded into the toilet bowl like a grotesque sculpture of filth. The water strained to contain the unholy monstrosity, threatening to overflow with its sheer mass.

As Matt's ordeal reached its climax, a wave of euphoria washed over him, overpowering the lingering discomfort. He felt lighter, liberated, as if the weight of the world had been lifted from his shoulders—no, from his bowels. A triumphant smile crossed his face, his torment finally vanquished in the most grotesque yet oddly satisfying manner.

Word of Matt's legendary bowel movement spread far and wide, earning him both admiration and disgust. Some marveled at his courage to share such a repulsive tale, while others turned away in revulsion. Regardless, Matt emerged from the experience transformed—a conqueror of constipation, forever marked by the unforgettable memory of that massive, euphoric shit.

And so, dear reader, let this tale serve as a cautionary reminder that even the most abhorrent ordeals can lead to unexpected triumphs. May we all find relief in our darkest moments and celebrate the strange victories life bestows upon us.


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You are gushing about your poop, sate the mans curiosity

I do have a picture.

No pics
Answer his question about ur flushes

Im having aftershits. Im shitting even more.

My weigh in tomorrow has potential to be hilarious

Having black coffee and dates every morning and my shits have never been so good.

Black coffee is a game changer for good shits

Alright guys i dont think theres anything worse than taking an uncomfortable shit in an uncomfortable public bathroom

breaker offers that you have to dig out of your own asshole are never fun

Pooped my pants a little bit on my run today. Kept going.


That’s some goggins shit


Nearly shit myself. Projectile shitted. Had to shit worse the closer i was getting to the toilet. I was basically hopping like a bunny at the end. Absolutely insane shit