Popcorn Mafia v2


Popcorn Mafia


  • 8 Vanilla Townies

  • 4 Mafia Goons

  • Before the game starts, mafia must elect a townie to be the gunbearer. That player has until deadline runs out to shoot another player.

  • The town discuss among themselves, and the gunbearer picks someone to target by posting "@sdadasdas Shoot X" in bold letters

  • If their target is mafia, the target dies and the gunbearer keeps the gun.

  • If their target is town, the gunbearer dies and the target becomes the new gunbearer.

  • ]If the gunbearer does not shoot by 24 hours, they die and the mafia are given 12 hours to pick a new gunbearer.

The gunbearer is always announced and confirmed as innocent.

Possible Role Pms:

Vanilla Townie

You are a Vanilla Townie.
You win when all the mafia members are dead.

Mafia Goon

You are a Mafia Goon.
Your partners are ___, ___, and ___. You may communicate at any time
You win when the number of living mafia members equal or exceed the number of living townies

Players Alive


Dead players

Faz - Town
Osiris - Town
Ian - Town
Krazykat - Town
SCSF - Town
Electrowizard - Mafia
Bazingaboy - Mafia

Randoming roles now and sending pms shortly. Game will start at 9pm EST regardless of the amount of confirms.

The game has started! You may post now. Day ends in 24 hours.

faZ has been given the gun and has 24 hours to shoot!



fuckers stealing my maf strats

I mean technically optimal play cause my scum reads day 1 suck ass.

So I ll just shoot my 3rd townread

I assume there's no night phase and all kills are done by the gun? It isn't explicit in the rules

@mafiabot vote faz


i thought electrowizard and gwez were same person

Same. Please don't shoot me first. It would be a bad choice this early.

technically you are my 3rd townread at this moment

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Alright, this should be pretty easy for us then since we start with what amounts to an innocent child and effectively only have lynches.

How wild are you going to be with that gun? Just going to shoot or do more of a voting/consensus type thing?

day 1 is important, especially when I am with the gun

Nah, gwez is an iaafr friend I think? Maybe a jdance/Ian person I don't really remember?

Effectively, we just have to clear 4 town aside from you and we win this, which should be fairly easy in a pool of 11.

All shooters should list a second choice in case they hit a villager.

What does this give town? If they're wrong once, why would it be more likely they're right the second time? Why should we do this when the person who got misshot can make their decision? Why just the second choice rather than a full reads list right before they shoot?

this game mode isnt very immersive if the mafia will never have the gun, it feels more like russian roulette