Popcorn Mafia v2

there's also a lot less stuff to analyze like vote counts/ wagons to get reads off of

i'm going to pretend the gun is sentient for this to make any sense at all

well we need to do this before we get to 4 villagers vs 4 mafia lol

shoot ian

I am just glad bazinga is posting, it is a win for me already

i posted at the start of the game last time too, but then didnt until EOD. lucky for you there is no EOD specified so i might have to show up more

we should actually get me the gun to me and ill win the game

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If you have 2 scum reads, shoot one and before you do, let town know your other choice.

People failed to do this last game and it hurt town's chances of winning.

Yeah, clearing 4 other town in a pool of 11 shouldn't be hard. We hit scum once and we just need to clear 3. With completely random shots, I think that we're at close to 50% odds. I'll work out the exact odds later tonight when the game isn't active

Why not just give your entire reads list? There's no nk and gunholder is already cleared, so there's no reason to hold back reads

If you actually read the thread, you can still see who's pushing who and get the exact same information

the pushes dont have weight behind them though

pushes dont as directly lead to a kill like votes because ultimately only 1 person decides who to shoot.

the only way it's the same is if we agree to shoot the most voted whic his dumb with so many mafia

so not it's not the same at all and your mafia @mafiabot vote electrowizard

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Lmao, what? Going back and seeing who pushed who is just as relevant when a person flips. What you're saying applies just as much to a normal game for the people who vote for someone who doesn't flip.

I only skimmed last game, but bazinga seemed way less active then? Is his scum play more active than his town play? It seems like if he's inactive as VT, he'd be even more inactive as town when he has no vote and his pushes don't matter in his own mind

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bazinga is prolly just scum this game lol

That's the way I'm leaning. Very different from his early game last time around.

i'm iaafr's gf


@faz don’t shoot