Popcorn Mafia v2

What's up game players

Lol @giving faz the gun to sweat day1

word I felt the same. Give your reads but dont say who you're blasting imo

no i am

Hi :cupcake:

Dude your name is still ian

I'm saying to give the reads right before you shoot.

That works as well

Damn hella early claim early

Why am i such a turkey

That's what I have been trying to say all along.

Think about this question.

Who is most likely to choose Faz as the gunbearer?

Why mention just giving the second option then? How does this differ from posting a reads list as town near EoD when you're voted up? Like, what makes this any different from how you should play normally?

bazingaboy doesn't seem to think much of faZ

maybe him?

fuck me

Did you read the last game? Some players hip-fired and did not post reads.
I was just telling town to do this.

let me read

I'm legit?

Hate on me lmao